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The Werner House is a unique and innovative aging-in-place technology showcase and Airbnb located in Ohio. This project was spearheaded by Lisa Cini, the owner and founder of Mosaic Design Studio, and her daughter as part of the Infinite Living collaboration.


This collaboration consists of 50 vendor collaborators and 4 other interior design firms, all with the mission of creating a safe, comfortable, and accessible living environment for aging individuals.

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Equipped with a variety of age-friendly features, such as height-adjustable countertops, furniture designed for ease of use, and other technologies designed to make life easier for the elderly.


Lisa Cini's experience in the field of senior living and dementia care, and having FOUR generations in one household was invaluable in the creation of this project, as her book "Boom: The Baby Boomers Guide to Preserving Your Freedom and Thriving as You Age in Place" explains.

The Werner House is a one-of-a-kind showcase of aging-in-place technology, providing a safe and comfortable environment for those aging in place.

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