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  • Joyful Beginning
    Henry Conrad Werner entered the world in Zanesville on March 30, 1854. Born to parents Hartman and Ann Marie Jockers Werner, Henry's life was off to a promising start. On March 16, 1886, he tied the knot with Ottilie Gaenselen in Cuyahoga County. Ottilie, born on November 7, 1864, in Cleveland, was the daughter of Philip and Agnes Seidel Gaenselen. The couple was blessed with three lovely daughters: Helen Ottilie (born February 1887), Louise Margarite (born July 25, 1891), and Adaline Agnes (born December 13, 1893 - May 18, 1952).
  • A Shoemaking Adventure
    Henry's father was a well-established boot and shoe dealer and wholesaler in Zanesville. Seeking new opportunities, Henry moved to Columbus in 1895, where he pursued his own ventures in the shoe trade. He made a name for himself and earned recognition in the industry. The Boot and Shoe Recorder, a trade journal, praised Henry's success in both retail and jobbing businesses.
  • Dreaming Big: The House Takes Shape
    Henry's dreams soared beyond the shoe trade. In 1908, he enlisted the services of architects Howard, Inscho, and Merriman to design their dream house. Construction commenced, resulting in a breathtaking residence that would take seven years to complete. The house, described as Chataquaesque or French Opera in style, featured stunning design elements such as decorative brick arches, stained glass windows, and an elaborate metal and glass awning at the entrance. It stood as a proud addition to Broad Street, capturing the attention of Columbus residents and even being featured in publications.
  • Love and Celebration
    The Werner house witnessed moments of love and celebration. Adeline, one of Henry's daughters, found her happily ever after with Webb Isaiah Vorys. Their wedding, held at the house, was a joyous occasion with a beautiful altar created in the front vestibule. Adeline descended the staircase as part of the ceremony, accompanied by Webb and his uniformed brothers. The atmosphere was filled with love as they exchanged vows in the presence of 150 guests. Adeline and Webb began their marital journey at 63 Parkwood Avenue.
  • Cherished Memories
    As time passed, the Werner family faced moments of loss. Henry's life came to an end on November 14, 1926, in Dresden, Germany. His funeral was held in the grand center hall of the house, honoring his memory. Ottilie passed away on January 25, 1934. Both rest peacefully at Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, leaving behind cherished memories.
  • A New Chapter Begins
    In 1941, Margarite made the decision to sell the house to Frank Barrow. The Barrows embraced their new home, making significant changes to accommodate their needs. They transformed the house into a rooming house, adding rooms and renovating the kitchen while removing the original servants' staircase. Frank Barrow, the son of Alphonso and Strauzil Marion Barrow, was a candy distributor and wholesaler, proudly owning the Frank Barrow Candy Company.
  • Challenges and Growth
    Frank's entrepreneurial journey had its share of challenges. However, he persevered and made a name for himself in the candy industry. Throughout the years, Frank and his wife Norma, who was born on February 15, 1888, in Columbus, navigated various addresses and locations for their business, constantly adapting and striving for success. They were blessed with two children: Charles Francis, born on April 16, 1909, and Ruth Jane, born in 1915.
  • Honoring a Remarkable Journey
    Despite the hardships they faced, the Barrow family's determination never wavered. Tragedy struck when Charles, who had been involved in his father's business, sadly took his own life in 1946. The family also made the difficult decision to close their Dayton branch in 1952, highlighting the challenges of running a profitable business. Frank Barrow passed away on July 21, 1967, leaving behind a legacy of resilience. Norma followed him on March 23, 1982, in Scottsdale, Arizona. They were laid to rest at Union Cemetery, forever remembered for their dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • A New Journey Begins
    On June 22, 1973, William and Mary Brooks stepped into the role of proud homeowners, acquiring the house from Norma Barrow. William, born on January 12, 1912, had an impressive career as the first African American municipal court judge. He held various positions of importance in public service, leaving a lasting impact on his community. Mary, a police officer in the Juvenile Bureau of the Columbus Police Department for 28 years, dedicated her life to mentoring and counseling troubled youth. She was known for her impeccable fashion sense and flair, being recognized by Ebony Magazine as one of the Best Dressed Women in the United States in 1964.
  • A Legacy Remembered
    William Brooks passed away on December 16, 1990, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of public service. Mary Brooks continued to impact her community until her passing on December 23, 2014, at Kobacker House in Columbus. Their final resting place is at Greenlawn Cemetery, symbolizing the end of a journey filled with love, happiness, and remarkable achievements.
  • Getting in
    To unlock the doors, press the Yale logo, once the numbers are lit type the code given to you upon arrival the check mark.
  • Locking up
    When you leave the premises, please lock all doors. To lock the door, press the Yale logo on the keypad, wait until all numbers light up and fade. If you here beeping and only several numbers flashing, jiggle the door and wait again. If you have any more trouble, please Call 614-701-7252 (24/7)
  • Elevator Tricks
    To use the elevator, open the door and get inside, then swing the door open as wide as possible and release, allowing the door to slam (you should here a click). 3 people maximum per ride, if there is too much weight an alarm will sound, if this happens simply wait a moment until you hear the door click, step out and wait for alarm to finish, then reenter with less weight. If the elevator will not move, go to each floor and push the doors hard to ensure the seal.
  • Speakers and Wi-fi
    WI-FI Name: MDS_Private WI-FI Password: Streetlight2020! Sonos: surround sound (White Speakers) is located throughout the home. To play music via Bluetooth from your phone simply download the Sonos app, make an account, turn on your Bluetooth and follow app instructions. Mic and Bose system in ballroom: To turn on the microphone and bose system simply turn the power on for the volume control pad. If this does not work, then locate power switch on base of speaker. To connect remotely, the single Bose unit has a power button on the back. Turn on the speaker then press and hold the Bluetooth button until it flashes blue, then on your phone turn on the Bluetooth and connect to Bose speaker.
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